Corporate Citizenship

CCMS Introduction

About CCMS

Corporate Citizenship Management Standards (CCMS) guide all employees in the POSCO Group to think
and act in business and day-to-day operations from a perspective of corporate citizenship.

What is CCMS?
CCMS serve as a guide that allows us to judge and practice from the corporate citizenship perspective in business
and day-to-day operations.
POSCO will base all of our business activities on the business philosophy of corporate citizenship and internalize it to be part of our organizational culture. As a leading global company, we will become exemplary global citizens with a mature mindset. We established CCMS as a detailed guide to help these efforts.


We have nine modules for business based on our value chain:
strategy/finance, production quality, safety, environment, marketing, purchasing, shared growth, new growth, and R&D.
There are two modules, social contributions and communication, for society and
two models, personnel and organizational culture, for people

CCMS Modules Business: Strategy/finance, production/quality, production/safety, production/environment, marketing, purchasing, shared growth, new growth, R&D Society: Social contributions, communication People: Personnel, organizational culture
Strategy/finance, production/quality, production/safety, production/environment,
marketing, purchasing, shared growth, new growth, R&D
Social contributions, communication
Personnel, organizational culture


  • Strategy/financeAct as a control tower that establishes sustainable group strategies, optimally allocates business resources,
    and manages and adjusts business risk and performance
  • Production/qualityCreate customer values by ensuring quality
    and cost competitiveness of products
  • Production/SafetyEnsure a place for a safe and happy life for everyone
  • Production/EnvironmentEstablish a low-carbon/eco-friendly production system preemptively and proactively
  • MarketingAct as a business leader that leads customer success and progress in the industrial ecosystem by successfully creating shared values with customers
  • PurchasingLay a foundation that establishes a sustainable industrial ecosystem with fair and transparent purchasing
  • Shared growthFacilitate the establishment of a robust industrial ecosystem
  • New growthAct as a business creator for sustainable growth
    and more value
  • R&DAct as a technology solution provider for sustainable growth in business
  • Social contributionsPractice care and coexistence to make the world
    a better place
  • CommunicationPromote business activities authentically and serve
    as a messenger in continuous communication
  • PersonnelNurture graceful, exemplary global citizens
  • Organizational cultureImplement a culture where everyone works
    and grows together

Implementation overview

The corporate citizenship management philosophy is the key to POSCO's identity and continued growth and success as a 100-year company.
We hope that the corporate citizenship management standards (CCMS) will serve as a guideline for good management for the many corporations that sympathize with corporate citizenship and provide the values and behavior patterns these corporate citizens want to pursue, thereby allowing us to participate in the collaborative creation of a New Normal for future corporate management.
We now introduce implementation overviews of the 13 CCMS modules.

Collection of CCMS implementation overviews