Corporate Citizenship

Introduction to 6 Major Projects

To participate in solving social problems faced by our society and build a better future,
POSCO is pursuing and performing its role at the corporate level.

Among various corporate citizenship activities, POSCO will be implementing six major projects
announced at the POSCO Corporate Citizenship Achievement Report in December 2019 as follows.

POSCO intends to continue developing and conducting various corporate citizenship activities in the future.

  • Shared growth

  • Presenting a role model to
    address the issue
    of low birth rate in society

  • Creating a marine forest

  • Support for youth employment
    and startups

  • Initiating POSCO
    venture platform

  • Becoming and making
    a good global citizen

Shared growth
Building a strong industrial ecosystem through cooperation and win-win with stakeholdersEstablishing smart factories for SMEs and supporting on-site manufacturing innovation activities for over 1,000 companies (2019-2023)
Presenting a role model to address the issue of low birth rate in society
Improving the childbirth and childcare conditions in the local communityOpening ‘Childcare center at the Workplace’ to group employees as well as employees of the business partner companies (March 2020)
Organizing a symposium which provide a broad platform to come up with solutions to resolve the low birth rate issue (May 2020)
Creating a marine forest
Restoring marine ecosystems by using steel slag to build marine forestsInstallation of slag-based artificial reefs in cooperation with the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries for restoring coastal areas affected by rising seawater temperatures (By 2020, Dokdo, Ulleungdo, etc)
Support for youth employment and startups
1,100 people a year through ‘Supporting the Future of Youth’, youth employment and startups support program POSCO Youth Dream, on-the-job employment training, youth AI, Big Data Academy, and Startup Incubating School
Initiating POSCO venture platform
Establishing a venture platform based on a virtuous circle of the entire cycle, securing future new growth engines and contributing to the revitalization of the regional economyKRW 800 billion in venture funds, KRW 200 billion in building Venture Valley infrastructure
Becoming and making a good global citizen
Becoming and making a good global citizen who participates in solving problems faced by society today (UN SDGs *)Total of 415 members in the employee global volunteer group, 1,300 members in college student volunteer group Beyond
Total of 399 people supported by POSCO Asia Fellowship, over 1,000 children outside school supported every year in developing countries (Thailand, Indonesia, etc.)
* UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals): Shared goals of the global community for sustainable development

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