Corporate Citizenship

Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy
Corporate Citizenship: Building a Better Future Together
Fields of activities
  • Business

    Business partners

    • Practice of fairness, transparency,
    • Shared growth
    • Best products & services
  • Society

    Social communities
    and individuals

    • Contribution to addressing
      social issues with empathy
    • Development of local communities
      & environmental management
    • Participation in philanthropy
  • People

    POSCO Group

    • Creation of a safe and pleasant
      work environment
    • Fair HR affairs & stable
      labor-management relations
    • Diversity and inclusion and improvement
      of work-life balance at workplace
POSCO talent
Talents with the mindset of action, consideration and creativity
Code of conduct
Shiljil (Substance)Shilhaeng (Execution)Shilli (Practical)
Core values