Corporate Citizenship:Build a Better Future Together


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In the process of improving the workplace together with an ownership mindset,
We can communicate and create a happy workplace and a competitive company.

Corporate Citizenship Management Standards(CCMS)

CCMS, the Map Guiding Us to Corporate Citizenship In 2018, the year I was designated the new CEO of POSCO and the 50th anniversary of the foundation of POSCO, I declared “Corporate Citizenship: Building a Better Future Together” as our business philosophy that will guide the next 50 years of POSCO. Two years have passed since then, and when I look back at the time when I set corporate citizenship as POSCO’s business philosophy, I remember the times when I found myself lost in thought with questions such as, “What is a corporate?” and “What does a proper future for a company look like?” While mankind has achieved great economic prosperity with corporations over the years, it is true that they do have another side with many adverse effects that threaten society. These questions were more of an existential nature that sought the fundamental role of a corporation. In a business environment where various stakeholders interact in real time and create great influences on ea

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  • POSCO YOUTH DREAM (2019) 1,100 people participated 318 are in successful startup/employment 827 in POSCO Employment Academy 194 in Youth AI-Big Data Academy 87 in Incubating School for Business Startups Goal: Support 5,500 youths in 5 years
  • POSCO Idea Marketplace Total of 189 discoveries KRW 16.8 billion invested in 99 venture companies (2011-19) Started an in-house venture program, ‘POVentures’ with 12 teams
  • POSCO launched a sea forest cultivation program in Ulleung Island A sea forest reaching 0.4ha in Ulleung Island was fostered 100 Tritons and 750 Triton blocks underwater were installed In 30 different sea forests in Korea, a total of 6,559 Tritons were provided free of charge (2019 accumulated)
  • 451,511 hours Employee Volunteering (accumulated time as of 2019) Average per Employee 27 hours 563 underwater cleanup activities of POSCO Volunteers for Clean Ocean (2009-19) 1,423 students of POSCOs University Volunteer Group, “Beyond” (2007-19)
  • 60,746 people Beneficiaries of POSCO 1% Sharing Foundation (as of the end of 2019) 33,844 of POSCO employees participated to raise KRW 9.36 billion
  • POSCO Group donated KRW 10 billion to a year-end charity campaign in 2019 POSCO continues to make donations for our neighbors in need of love and hope. Total donations of KRW 152 billion (cumulative amount from 1999 to 2019)