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With rapid changes in society and economy posed by the COVID-19 issue,
it is important for POSCO to grasp these changes and newly emerging values,
and seek ways to advance constantly.

This will enable POSCO to overcome the current crisis and continue to grow into a credible company that lasts for 100 years.
I hope this forum could be an opportunity to look back on the nature of our business,
responding promptly to the needs of stakeholders and changes in perspectives.
Through the forum, I expect that we can explore ways to better practice
POSCO’s management philosophy, Corporate Citizenship,
in line with the new roles and responsibilities of corporates demanded by our society.
POSCO Forum on September 2020
If the business philosophy of Corporate Citizenship is our final destination,
the Charter of Corporate Citizenship is the compass
that points us in the right direction and CCMS is the map that helps us navigate to our destination.
We must take Corporate Citizenship as the lighthouse in our journey to review whether our decision making,
business and actions follow the direction towards the values of Corporate Citizenship,
and make an effort to go one further step in building POSCO as a 100-year corporation.
CCMS Declaration Ceremony on July 2020

*CCMS(Corporate Citizenship Management Standards)