Five Brands

Five Brands Introduction

management philosophy

We are engaging in five brand activities for corporate citizenship
that all interested parties sympathize with to realize corporate citizenship management philosophy.

Our goal is to grow as a respected company everyone wants to work with
and a 100-year company by participating in resolving our current social issues
and seeking and carrying out our corporate role to better society.

POSCO has announced the goal of reaching carbon neutrality by 2050. To this end, as a corporate citizen, We work together through continuous communication and partnership activities with many stakeholders, going beyond our corporate role.
POSCO implements collaborative growth activities on a new level to respond to higher social expectations and deal with changes in the management environment. Accordingly, we have expanded from simple support for affiliates to "collaborative growth of corporate citizens," seeking economic and social value.
By creating a ‘POSCO venture platform’ composed of a venture valley and venture fund investment, POSCO seeks to set the stage for discovering new growth businesses to last beyond 100 years. The venture platforms will discover, nurture, and invest in promising venture businesses to become the driving force for innovation and the continued growth of the POSCO Group. In addition, we will create a better society by contributing to job creation and economic vitality by supporting the growth of venture businesses.
POSCO supports various infrastructure and programs to make Gwangyang a good city for having and raising children. In addition, POSCO consistently engages in activities to improve social empathy and awareness by providing quality educational programs that foster the next generation's dreams.
POSCO has considered growth with the community as a corporate social responsibility since the beginning; the company strives to present a model for growth for both corporations and society through the resolution of various social issues, focusing on Pohang, Gwangyang, and the Seoul/Incheon regions where the POSCO Group's businesses are located.